Creating Your Sacred Ritual / Maintaining One's Flow

Creating Your Sacred Ritual / Maintaining One's Flow

Summer is here. Kids out of school. Vacation. Camps. Extra kid time.

With the natural annual change in routine, life balance has the potential to go off kilter and impact one's mental and physical state. In fact, such a change to one's schedule can even become chaotic. While normal fluctuations within one's daily (or annual) schedule is expected, maintaining a daily ritual is crucial for one's balance.

For me creating a daily ritual - especially at the beginning of Summer when my family's schedule drastically changes - provides me with that tool to create greater balance. It is in this dedicated space where I can more easily find some peace.

In this special space - one which I have carefully and purposely created - I can be quiet, be present, and practice gratitude. This space is one which I have spent much time creating and would love to share my "recipe" for those interested. 

Below are several of the key "ingredients" I find beneficial for creating one's sacred ritual and space:

  • Simplicity:  For me, a simple, organized, and clean space allows me energetically to enter into a less-cluttered mind. I find it amazing how simply walking into my yoga space immediately has a calming effect.
  • Alter:  Creating an alter filled with meaningful items such as pictures (family, teachers), statues (Hindu deities/symbols), incense, beads, etc. provides me with a focal point for meaning and gratitude.  
  • Ritual:  Whether I am practicing Yoga on my mat, Meditation on my cushion, Breathing exercises, or simply sitting - my sacred space helps me with my daily ritual practice. It's welcoming, comforting, and like an old friend.
  • Intention:  Depending upon my mood (anxious, tired, excited, etc.) at the moment, my sacred space always brings me back to the same starting calming place. From this grounded and consistent space, I am able to set my intention for the my practice and the day.
  • Talismans:  Different sacred objects such as Mandalas, Malas, Sacred Pendants, Beads, and Necklaces of meaning assist me in creating a special space and entering into my flow - my practice. These tangible objects act as both a figurative and literal centering object for intention and practice. 
  • Music:  Often I utilize music in assisting in tapping into the zone. Some favorites include DJ Drez, Krishna Das, MC Yogi, and Jai Uttal. Listening to beautiful music can have a powerful and hypnotic effect.

These are a few of the tactical ways I find useful in creating my sacred ritual and space. Summer - while magical and full of adventure - can also be a time of change and shift in one's flow. I hope some on my personal practices can be of value for you and your quest for balance.

As always - I would love to hear your thoughts, recommendations, and practices for creating your Sacred Ritual.


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