The Season of Spring and New Beginnings

The Season of Spring and New Beginnings

Spring is upon us... Thank the Gods!!

While I do appreciate the winter and the magnificence of that Season, I am a warm weather girl through and through. Perhaps it is in my DNA or where I was born or grew up... but I LOVE the beach! 

With Spring - especially after this most recent rough Colorado Winter - I am excited for the opportunity for new beginnings, letting go of the old, and the possibility of Spring (and flip-flops). 

As part of this upcoming season and in the spirit of renewal, I wanted to highlight some of the birthstones during this time of year and their associated energies.

AquamarineMarch's Birthstone is Aquamarine. This calming stone provides calming energy.  Within the Hindu and Yogic-world, this gem is associated with the Throat Chakra. This specific Chakra (or energy center) is about both the literal and metaphorical aspect of speaking or self-expression. Thus, Aquamarine is used in assisting one on finding their voice and empowerment of one's true-self.

DiamondApril's Birthstone is Diamond. This powerful stone is the King of Gems - one revered in jewelry and stepped in strength. Associated with the Crown Chakra, the Diamond assists in confidence, manifests abundance, and everlasting love. Diamonds are a part of many of our pieces and specifically bales. This precious stone supports creativity, transparency, and possibility... an amazing gem for Spring - the season of rebirth.


EmeraldMay's Birthstone is Emerald. The Emerald is a mesmerizing gem with its potent green-color perhaps most directly associated with this time of year - Spring. This gem captures life-itself, rebirth, and love. Meant to assist in harmonization and enhancing domestic bliss, the Emerald is associated with the Heart Chakra - the quintessential energy center for love.  Wearing the Emerald can assist in opening one's heart... in perfect timing for the new Season.

May this upcoming Season of Spring provide you with the promise of new beginnings, possibility opening, and reconnection to the earth. I welcome your reflections on Spring, the pieces and stones associated with this season, and any thoughts/comments.

With love and light,



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