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About Us - Orly Marcel


 When Orly Eisbart launched her spiritually inspired fine jewelry collection in 2019, she named it Orly Marcel as a homage to her late father Marcel - a well known Israeli designer. “My father was an artisanal craftsman whose primary tools were his hands. He continually challenged me to remain curious and to seek inspiration in everything that was around me. Growing up in Tel Aviv, I spent a great deal of my childhood watching him work in his studio.”  She continues, “in launching my collection I believe I inherited his unbridled enthusiasm, unwavering attention to detail, and quest for meaning which I try to incorporate into each one of my designs.”


Orly left Tel Aviv at 10 moving to the U.S., first to Miami and then New York City. After graduating college with a Fine Arts degree, she continued to be  intrigued by other cultures and  traveled to India where she studied Yoga and fell in love first-hand with the vibrant richness of India’s colors, textures, meaningful jewelry and spirituality. Her world travels continued exposing her to worldly beauty, purpose beyond the physical,history, antiquity and culture. 


“My lifelong pursuit of inspiration and spirituality has taken me around the globe, all culminating in the different Eastern and Western universal symbols and significance that comprise my collection today,” Orly explains. 


 Today Orly has made her home in Colorado with her supportive husband, four spirited children, and an adorable Labradoodle.


 Orly Marcel commits a percentage of all profits towards meaningful charities focused on making the world a better more mindful place.