about us

The designer behind Orly Marcel, Orly Eisbart, developed a deep appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable design at a young age. Her father, a celebrated furniture designer in Tel Aviv, helped hone Orly’s eye for highly curated art. When the family moved from Israel to the United States, when Orly was 10 years old, her father found an opportunity in jewelry, ultimately opening an estate jewelry shop. This early exposure to the world of exceptional fine jewelry had an immediate impact on Orly, even if she found her way back to the craft via a circuitous route.

After studying fine art and design in college, Orly spent time in India studying yoga and garnering knowledge of Eastern philosophical traditions. She fell profoundly in love with the country, its vibrant culture and exuberant colors, relishing in its complexities, intricacies and rich textures. Upon her return to the United States, Orly began working in textile design in New York City before returning to Miami to be with her family.

With a world view expanded by her lived experiences, and fully committed to embracing her spiritual practice, a vision that came to her during meditation compelled Orly to create a spiritually inspired collection of jewelry that could contribute to the well-being of others.

Having followed her own spiritual journey, Orly is driven by her desire to empower collectors of her work to find and follow their own spiritual path. Her work is created with intention and imbued with meaning, and its sense of balance and proportion evoke a feeling of calm and serenity. Not surprisingly, many of Orly’s designs come to her while she’s in the midst of her spiritual practice, during yoga or meditation, and which she purposefully and thoughtfully translates into tactile expressions of her connection with the universe and the beauty she wants to impart.

This intentionality is evident throughout all touch points of the Orly Marcel business. Orly personally ensures that each of the manufacturing facilities with which she partners upholds the highest possible ethical standards, that they provide fair wages, safe and comfortable working conditions, and that they are certified in good standing with the Responsible Jewelry Council.

A spirit of philanthropy also defines the brand, with a portion of each sale benefiting a charity whose mission is in alignment with Orly Marcel ethos. Orly considers her company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility merely a baseline, and is continually challenging herself, her team and her partners to establish ways of implementing innovative solutions for mitigating harm and generating love and light.